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Silk Scarves

We strongly recommend dry clean only for our silk, but if you’re confident you can delicately hand wash. Use a very mild detergent, cool water and roll in a towel to dry off excess.


Steam creases out gently and iron between towels to protect fabric and avoid catching the silk.


Also be careful with spray perfumes, some can mark the silk so worth avoiding the scarf when applying.

Velvet Cushions & Accessories

Feather fillers can be removed via the zip opening at the bottom. Gentle hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent. Roll in a towel to dry off excess water, do not wring or iron.



Sterling silver necklaces can be cleaned with silver polish and silver cleaning cloths.


Avoid polishing silver plated necklaces as much as possible, a gentle cloth maybe best for these.


Do not soak the pendant in water or wear in wet conditions as this can affect the setting.